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Babu’s blues: Poor handling of EVMs by poll officials

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Training of polling personnel on use of electronic voting machines leaves much to be desired. Presiding officers attending these training programmes say that the training is more of a formality and not a serious affair. There is no standardized content or structure for the training. Nor is adequate number of technical persons available for training.
 Presiding officers who are in-charge of polling stations are given classroom training in large batches in conference halls. They get hardly any practical training in conducting elections on EVMs.
Vinay Kumar, a teacher who worked as a presiding officer in the 2009 Jharkhand assembly elections says, “We are given a briefing about the functions and operation of the voting machines in large groups and told to read detailed notes given in the presiding officers’ diary. Each group of 10 persons is given one voting machine to practice on our own on the voting machine. Then, we are asked to sign in a [...]

Who says Indian EVMs are failsafe? (PART 3) ‘Lost’ Ballots, EVMs ‘erase’ votes

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I had referred to the problem of EVMs observed in Tamil Nadu and Orissa in my previous blogs. In this post, I am listing a number of cases where the votes have been lost in the EVMs after they have been cast!
At many polling stations, EVMs worked perfectly on the polling day, but failed to read the stored voting data on the counting day. We have come across a large number of such cases in which the EVMs failed to read data stored in the memory of the EVMs. In all such cases, the returning officers discounted the polling data.
For instance, in Andhra Pradesh, in six polling stations of Parkal assembly constituency (numbering 185, 197, 209, 212, 221 and 224), all the votes cast in the control units have been lost. A similar situation was observed in several other constituencies: Ramagundam assembly constituency (polling stations 60 and 61), Alampur (SC) constituency (polling stations 60 and [...]

Who says Indian EVMs are failsafe? (PART 2) EVMs ‘manipulated’ in Orissa polls!

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In April-May elections to India’s lower house of parliament last year, Orissa went to polls on April 16 and 20.
Voting was delayed in a number of polling stations across the state due to faulty EVMs raising suspicions among voters and rival political parties. Supporters of the Congress and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) alleged that the EVMs did not record votes in favour of their candidates and irrespective of whichever candidate button they pressed, the votes were being recorded in favour of Biju Janata Dal (BJD) candidate only. Suspecting foul play, voters became so agitated that they clashed with polling officials at some places.
A report published on the website Orissa Matters captures the situation. Opposition parties including the Congress and the BJP and many common voters in Orissa felt that the electronic voting machines have been tampered with in the state.
“Second and final phase of voting in Orissa is witnessing voters’ wrath against polling officers [...]

Who says Indian EVMs are failsafe? (PART 1) EVMs frustrated Tamil Nadu voters

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In the U.K general elections, voters experienced problems with shortage of paper ballots at many places. In the presidential elections in Philippines held yesterday, voters had serious problems with the troubled nationwide electronic voting (called the Automated Election System or AES) experience.
Whenever such problems were highlighted in the international media, the Election Commission of India and its admirers in the media bragged about its unrivalled achievements in ‘successful’ nationwide electronic voting experience. Until the vulnerabilities of the electronic voting machines (EVMs) were exposed by Indian and international experts, everybody believed that the EVMs are the best thing that ever happened to the Indian democracy.
The case of Tamil Nadu in 2009 general elections perhaps qualifies as one of the worst ever elections conducted using electronic voting machines. Voters in hundreds of polling stations across Tamil Nadu experienced serious problems on the polling day, May 13, 2009 due to malfunctioning electronic voting machines.   
In several polling stations, voting machines [...]