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There is insufficient appreciation among the lay public of the facts and issues about electronic voting machines – largely due to the mystique concerning anything technological, and to the implicit faith in a constitutional body such as the Election Commission.

This book has been written to fill this information and awareness gap and to trigger a national debate, leading to initiation of steps towards a reformed and truly transparent, verifiable and accountable voting system.

The book covers highlights technical, procedural, administrative and legal problems concerning electronic voting machines. The book marshals arguments on compelling facts and field based evidences, media reports, published materials, RTI replies and other ECI communications and statements, international experiences etc.

The book nails the repeated lies being bandied about by official agencies to perpetrate the electronic voting machines even in the face of a united, strong and principled opposition to their continued use without applying the necessary correctives and safeguards.


Foreword by Shri L.K. Advani
Message from Shri N. Chandrababu Naidu
Message from Prof. David L. Dill, StanfordUniversity


  1. The Indian EVM Story
  2. The Big Lie
  3. Questionable decisions of Election Commission
  4. Faulty Voting Machines Cause Tampering Concerns
  5. Electronic Fixers Demand Hefty Sums
  6. The X Factor
  7. Vote of No Confidence
  8. Farce of Enquiry by Election Commission
  9. Commission Blocks Ethical Hacking
  10. Voting Machines Demystified
  11. Software Isn’t Safe…
  12. …Nor is Hardware
  13. Weak Links in the Chain
  14. Hacking EVMs, Hijacking Mandate
  15. Are Indian EVMs constitutional?
  16.  Restore Transparency & Verifiability


Veta Books, Rs.295
B4/ 137, Safdarjung Enclave,
New Delhi 110 029
Phone: +91 91 9873300800 (Sagar Baria)

Download book here in PDF form

Note: Also available in Ombook Stores, Delhi and in other cities.


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