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International Experts

Political Leaders   Indian Experts
Jimmy Carter
Former president and James Baker III, Former Secretary of State, United States
There is no need to trust the insiders in the election industry anymore than in other industries, such as gambling, where sophisticated insi ..
Prof. Alex Halderman
University of Michigan
Hacking Indian EVMs is easy. They can be hacked by just inserting a simple 8 pin chip behind the display section of the control unit, which ..
Rop Gonggrijp
Computer Expert, Netherlands
Election Commission of Indias claim that it had invented EVMs that could not be rigged was ridiculous. There is no such thing as un-riggable ..
Prof. David L. Dill
Stanford University
Electronic voting machines provide no evidence during or after the election to convince a skeptic that the election results are accurate.
Till Jaeger
Attorney, Federal Constitutional Court of Germany
In the March 2009 landmark judgment which rendered use of electronic voting machines unconstitutional in German elections, German Supreme Co ..
Bev Harris
Author of Black Box Voting
The concept that insiders will only tamper with certain things but not with electronic voting machines is ludicrous. And the concept that hu ..
Kathleen Wynne
Citizen rights activist, United States
The kind of response given by the Indian election commission is almost exactly the same as we have gotten from the Election Assistance Commi ..
Paul Lehto
The principles discussed in the German Court ruling do apply to all countries, because essentially all countries are formally and legally co ..


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